Patient Referral

The Skin Cancer Surgery Center values the importance of the relationship shared with our referring physicians and health care professional colleagues. We are dedicated to collaborating closely with you and your patient to ensure your patient receives the best possible care.

We also recognize the importance of the relationship between you and your patient. Rest assured your patient will return to your care as soon as is appropriate.

To assist you with the referral process, we have provided a step-by-step referral guide below. Thank you for your referral and entrusting your patient to our care.

How to refer a patient to the Skin Cancer Surgery Center:

  1. If possible, please mark or make a diagram of your patient's biopsy site(s) using our Diagram Form
  2. Fax the following information to us at 301-564-6391:
    • Completed Diagram Form
    • Copy of the pathology report
    • Patient name
    • Patient date of birth
  3. Ask the patient to call our office (301) 564-3131 or (703) 204-0000 to schedule the appointment.

You may also email pictures to us at: [email protected]

Please feel free to call any of our physicians to discuss any case you have questions or concerns about.

Urgent Referrals

If you have a patient who requires an urgent consultation, please contact our office at 301-564-3131 or 703-204-0000. You will be able to speak with one of our physicians regarding his or her care.

Referrals FAQs

How can I get more Mohs brochures?
Email us your request at [email protected] or call us at 301-564-3131 or 703-204-0000. If sending a request by email, please include the following information:

  • Number of copies requested
  • Preferred mailing address

How can I get copies of the “Diagram Form”?
You can download the Diagram Form. If you would like us to fax a copy to you, please call our office at 301-564-3131 or 703-204-0000.

As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns at 301-564-3131 or 703-204-0000.

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